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PDQ Machine Providers for Small Business


All card processing companies want to provide the best payment terminals for merchants. Below we look at the manufacturers who provide the pdq machines we see every day.


1. Ingenico


ingenico card machine model ipp350


Ingenico may be the largest PDQ machine provider worldwide. Founded in 1980 Ingenico provide PDQ machines to merchant in over 150 countries and are the provider of choice of leading merchant account providers such as Worldpay. Used by everyone from large retailers to small businesses Ingenico is a trusted payment terminal with a great track record in delivering trusted, flexible card payment machines.


2. Verifone

verifone card machine


Through the countertop, pin pads, mobile and portable card machines Verifone are providing businesses in the UK with hassle free, reliable payment terminal. Businesses can rest assured with a PDQ machine from Verifone they a receiving the best in class in the payment industry. With security at the forefront when using a PDQ machine provided by Verifone you can be sure you will be provided with the best support and service to ensure both merchant and customers are protected.


3. Spire

spire card machine


Spire is an independent provider of PDQ machines in the UK. Spire may not be as big as the above two Ingenico and Verifone who process over 75% of all the card machine payments worldwide but they are a great alternative for UK businesses. With a good variety of PDQ card terminals which are available through many merchant service providers is one of the UK’s leading terminal providers.


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