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Best Merchant Account Providers for Small Business


With a merchant account your business can accept payments from customers so you never lose out on a sale. You can describe a merchant accounts as something that is very similar to a bank however it is just for businesses making it a business bank in a way. Signing up to a merchant account allows your customers to pay for your product or service using their credit or debit card. This can be done in person, online or on the go. Once a payment is paid the transaction money is then safely deposited into your merchant account. Getting a merchant account in the UK has never been easier as there are many providers. Below we look at the top 5 merchant account providers for small businesses in the UK.



With Worldpay you can take payments securely both offline and online. As the UK’s biggest merchant account provider and a global leader in payments Worldpay provide a variety of card payment options suitable for small business. Worldpay provide countertop, mobile and portable card machines solutions and also have mobile card reader option taking payments through your mobile device.


Worldpay websiite


2.  Takepayments

The recently formed Takepayments (formally know as Payzone) aim to make accepting card payments to be a stress free as possible. Takepayments pride themselves in providing merchant services that work for small businesses. With a personalised pricing package no matter your business or how you intend to take payments they can help.


Takepayments Website


3. Izettle

Izettle is a leader in providing mobile card readers for businesses. Only launched in 2010 iZettle growth has been incredible and they now provide card payment solutions to thousands of UK businesses through the iZettle card reader. In 2018 iZettle became part of the Paypal family after being bought out for 2.2 billion.


Izettle Website


4. Sagepay

Sagepay is a popular merchant account provider amongst UK small businesses.  They provide competitive rates and are very clear on the cost of their services with no hidden costs. Sagepay aim to make payment processing as simple as possible so that you can invest more time into your business. They provide flexible, integrated card payment solutions that are ideal for all business sizes.


Sagepay Website


5. Sumup

Sumup is another option for small businesses who want to accept card payments. With no fixed contract or monthly fees the Sumup Card Reader is often the payment option of choice for startups and budding entrepreneurs who need to accept payments. It is secure, affordable and allows payments through Android or apple devices with a 3G connection.


Sumup Website


6. Paypal

A company that needs no introduction Paypal is the worlds most popular online payment gateway. Almost 300 million people worldwide use Paypal and in recent year their options for small businesses have improved. It is easy to setup a business account with Paypal to take payments online and over the past few years the introduction Paypal Here card reader and the purchase of iZettle makes them a leader in mobile card payments.


Paypal Website


7. First Data Merchant Solutions (FDMS)

A global leader in merchant services FirstData cater for both small businesses and large corporations worldwide. Their portfolio of card payments processing services is catered to individual business needs. Whether if you want to accept payments instore, online or on the go they can provide the right card machine terminal or all in one ePos solution with the Clover to get you started.


First Data Merchant Solutions Website


8. Global Payments

Global Payments provides everything your business needs in order to sell your product or services online or in person with a merchant account. With tailored solutions they pride themselves in ensuring your business is provided simple solutions to accept payments on any device.


Global Payments Website


9. Vaitor

Operating in over 28 countries Vaitor remove the complexity out of payments. They provide low cost merchant account solutions to business in Europe. Removing the complexity out of card payments their card payment solutions are ideal for business who want to take credit and debit card payments.


Vaitor Website


10. Cashflow

Cashflow have been offering merchant account services to businesses in the UK since 2011. Their merchant account helps you receive and manage payments, through their payment gateway you can accept payments online whilst via their virtual terminal businesses can accept payments over mail order or on the telephone.


Cashflow Website


11. Stripe

Stripe provide a complete payment solution to businesses. By combining a merchant account and payment gateway into one product  you can accept credit and debit card payments through Stripe and the money is deposited into your account. Stripe is a leading online payment solution and process millions of transactions each year.


Stripe Website


12. First Payment Merchant Services

Opening a merchant account with First Payments is easy. Their desktop, portable and mobile card machines are perfect for businesses such as cafes, restaurants and supermarkets who take payments instore whilst their online payment solutions is ideal for any business that needs to accept payments online.


Fist Payment Merchant Services Website


13. Paymentsense

Payementsense are passionate about helping small businesses accept card payments. They pride themselves in going beyond the ordinary through providing cutting edge payment technology, extraordinary customer support, low transaction processing rates and an ever improving service so you can have peace of mind and focus on running your business.


Paymentsense Website


14. Handepay

Process card payment quickly and securely through Handepay. With no hidden cost you can maximise your business profits with their low cost merchant services solutions. Many small business are turn to Handepay to help save money on card processing fees and grow profits.


Handepay Website


15. Elavon

Accept payments anywhere your business is with Elavon with thwir flexible, secure, innovative payment solutions. As a leading provider for airlines, hospitality, healthcare and retail Elavon caters for large businesses but also provide payment solutions for small business to enable them to grow.


Elavon Website


16.Squareup UK

Through the Square mobile card reader businesses can accept credit card and contactless payments from their customers. Square pride themselves in providing innovative, simple solutions for small businesses who want to start taking payments quickly. Similar to iZettle with Square are not required to have a merchant account all you need is the card reader and app.


Square UK Website


17. Netpay

As an award winning payment service provider Netpay offer a wide range of payment service solutions. Catering for businesses of all sizes they offer a range of face to face card machines, online and phone payment solutions. They offer more than just payment solutions with their Revolution platform which offers supports to merchants who want to improve their business.


Netpay Website


18. Wireless Terminal Solutions

As a market leading payment card terminal provider Wireless Terminal Solutions specialise in the short or long term hire of pdq credit card machines as well as merchant services and e-commerce solutions for businesses.


Wireless Terminal Solutions Website


19. Barclaycard

Barclaycard have a vast range of payment options for businesses. You can start accepting payments with their desktop, portable, countertop and mobile card machines. In addition if you prefer to accept payment anywhere through your smartphone you can opt for the Barclaycard Anywhere card reader which you can purchase for a one time payment of £29 on a Pay As You Go contract.


Barclaycard Website


20. Beepay

As an independent online payment gateway provider Beepay has the capability to work with all UK acquirers. Even though Beepay’s main focus is on eCommerce and MOTO solutions they are also able to provide face to face card pdq machine solutions also.


Beepay Website


21. Retail Merchant Services

Taking the stress out of payment solutions we welcome Retail Merchant Services who pride themselves in offering same day card payment settlements for merchants. Solutions include card, machine, online payments, phone payments and shopping carts.


Retail Merchant Services Website


22. Llyods Bank Cardnet

Llyods offer easy and flexible card payment solutions to customers. As an award winning merchant account provider they process over 1.1 billion transaction each year for large and small businesses. They have great merchant expertise and offer tailored solutions to suit your business needs.


Llyods Cardnet Website


23. Secure Trading

With the goal of offering omnichannel payment solutions to merchants Secure Trading wants businesses to be able to accept payments anywhere, via any device at anytime.


Secure Trading Website


24. Verotel

Verotel is a high risk merchant accounts providers that operate worldwide. As a leading internet payment service provider Verotel helped over 50,000 webmaster grow their online business since launching in the late 90s.


Verotel Website


25. Evo Payments

Whether you are a small or large business Evo Payments could be the right merchant services provider for you. Like many providers they provide instore, online and on the go payment processing solutions. Evo Payments serve 50 markets worldwide and process payments in 130+ currencies for their 450k merchants.


Evo Payments Website



Compare merchant account processing fees and prices.

So there you have it our pick of the top 25 merchant account and payment processing providers for small UK businesses who want to start accepting payments but don’t know where to start. With all these providers costs will vary on your business type and what your payments requirements are. We can help you compare further with a free quote saving you time, stress and money. Simple fill in our quote form and our team will be in touch to let you know which providers will best fit your needs.


* Please note providers may alter from the above top 5 depending on your business needs and requirements.

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