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iZettle company overview


Mobile Card Readers 1






iZettle was founded in Stockholm in the year 2010, to help small companies succeed in the world at large. It revolutionized mobile payments, using the world’s first mini chip card reader and mobile device technology. Our small business platform today provides tools to get paid, sell and expand your business more cleverly in Europe and Latin America. We are committed to improving our innovative resources to provide small businesses with equal footing.


izettle Card Reader Description

izettle card reader












The iZettle card reader 2 is fast, easy to use and simple elegant design. it allows for both chips and pins payments. However, you can use an iZettle reader without a merchant’s account, unlike many other card machines. The new coating makes the reader more resistant to dirt, it has no magstride.


It has BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology that makes it more effective and allows new technology possibilities. In the area of sunlight, it also survives without any obvious fading. It is smarter with a new power button and cardholder will no longer turn off the by mistake. the software updates are very fast and save time (from taking minutes to seconds). the removal of magstripe helps in fraud prevention.



  • product weight: 125 g
  • product Dimension: 11 x 7 x 2 CM
  • payment indication: Blinks light when ready to take payment
  • magstripe: No
  • Connects to your device via Low Energy Bluetooth
  • introduced: November 2018
  • Charges via USB cable or through the dock within 1-2 hours
  • It accepts chip & pin, contactless, and other payments including Apple Pay, google pay and Samsung Pay.



  • It helps to prevent fraud due to the removal of magstride
  • It pairs with smartphones and tablets.
  • 8 hour batter life once charged
  • Powers up in 2 seconds and takes contactless payments in 5 seconds
  • iZettle Card Reader 2 has new Improved Look, Bluetooth, Connection, Sleep Mode & More
  • It accepts credit, debit, American Express, Apple, Samsung and Google Pay.



The iZettle reader facilitates the payment of cards and its charges are one of the lowest in the industry. Pricing breaks down are as follows:

  • Cost of iZettle Reader: Currently £29
  • Setup fee: £0
  • Monthly fee: £0 (with Optional GO PLUS option costs £20/month)
  • Point of sale app: free
  • Phone support: free
  • Daily Reports: free


Square Company overview


Square believes that why everyone must be able to participate in the economy and prosper. They, therefore, developing simple tools to inspire and enrich people. Also concerns with helping sellers of different sizes start, run and grow their business.


The company started with a little white card reader but did not stop there. The new square reader lets sellers accept contactless, chip and PIN transactions. The company also has consumer devices, such as our cash app, which allows people to send money faster and quicker to families or friends.


Square card reader Description

square card reader



















The Square Card Reader is like a mobile PDQ machine. The square card reader can be used either to accept chips or pins or contactless payments wherever a mobile signal is is very fast, secure and simple.


However, a market account, monthly terminal charges, or a contract are not required by the Square Reader. It is, therefore, a very cost-effective way to get paid. This makes it become one of the popular card readers for mobile applications. This card reader also enabled the use of an Apple, Android smartphone and tablet with a data plan.


It has Square’s Card on File feature which lets you securely and safely store your customers’ card information in the Square system with their permission.



  • Square card reader connects wirelessly with android and apple device via Bluetooth
  • It accepts chip & pin, contactless and mobile payments It has a dimension of 1.31″ H (2″ if including jack) x 1.31″ W x 0.56″ D
  • It weighs 20 grams.
  • it has the Option to save cards on file



  • it can also be used for digital, mobile and invoice payments.
  • Square card reader accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all for one low rate.
  • Suitable for all kinds of businesses
  • It is very fast when processing contactless payment
  • Its battery lasts all day for transactions.
  • Administrative access to the square card reader requires two-factor authentication and strong password control.



The square card reader is designed in such a way that it has a transparent fee structure. It has no installation charges, no monthly fees or early termination. you will pay once you sell using the reader.

Below is the pricing break down:

  • Reader Price: £19 + VAT
  • Transaction fees: 1.75% for Chip & Pin or Contactless payments and 2.5% for online, invoice or keyed-in payments.
  • Set-up cost: £0
  • Monthly cost: £0
  • Employee Management Software: £3.00 per employee, monthly (optional extra, not required)
  • App Marketplace and Third-Party Integrations: Varies (optional extra, not required)


SumUp Company overview

SumUp is one of the leading companies in Europe in terms of mobile point-of-sale (MPOS). 6 years ago, the company started and payment service was built to shake up the industry. a unique card reader device was created that offers in-person payment processing which also works with the smartphone.


It is the only provider to develop and design its EMV card terminals. SumUp describes its mobile point-of-sale system as the first fully-certified in the world. The EMV MPOS system cover all payment process such as card terminals, Android and iOS mobile apps and a payment processing platform. It also makes provision for risk and anti-fraud.


SumUp is backed by well-known venture capital investors such as American Express, BBVA, Groupon, Holtzbrinck Ventures, etc. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses around the world today rely on SumUp to get paid.


SumUp Air Card Reader Description


Mobile Card Readers 2












The SumUp Air Card Reader accepts both credit card and contactless payments. The device retails at £29 but is currently on sale for only £19 with free shipping.  *Offer currently is only available to new customers and for one card reader. SumUp Air card reader works using the SumUp App on tablets or smartphones.


There is also the Sumup 3G Card Reader which is currently retailing at £69* at a sales price. This readers non sales price is £99. The 3G card reader has a built in sim with unlimited data allowing you to accept payments from anywhere.  In this article however we will focus on the Sumup Air Card reader.



  • The SumUp Air card reader has NFC, Bluetooth.
  • Start accepting all major debit and credit cards. Contactless, via Chip & PIN, Apple Pay, Google Pay.
  • Always have the card terminal ready for use on your counter while it’s charging at the same time.
  • It has a rechargeable integrated Li-ion battery good for 500+ transactions per charge.
  • It uses the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection or on your smartphone.



  • SumUp Air card reader has No fixed costs or contractual obligations
  • it gives solution to PCI-compliant
  • it works perfectly with the free app via your smartphone or tablet
  • SumUp Air card reader has No monthly minimums
  • The chip card hardware is affordable
  • The flat-rate pricing is predictable.
  • It is good for low-volume merchants
  • Free virtual terminal for qualifying businesses
  • Easy to get paid on card reader via card or contactless.



SumUp pricing and fees are very clear and easy to understand with no recurring costs.

  • Reader Cost:  One of cost. Currently on sale for £19
  • Transaction Fees: Flat 1.69%
  • Monthly Costs:       £0
  • Delivery:  Free
  • iOS / Android app: Free
  • Dashboard and reporting:  Free
  • Telephone & email support:  Free
  • Payouts to your bank account: 1-3 days


PayPal  Company overview


Mobile Card Readers 3






PayPal is an e-commerce platform that allows companies and individuals without disclosing the financial details, to pay, send money and accept payments. The secure payment system of PayPal allows sellers to accept payment for a percentage transaction fee through credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Sellers can accept on-the-go, shop, mobile transactions, or give their customers an invoice via e-mail.


PayPal One Touch allows customers to sign in with PayPal in just one touch without reinserting their login details each time. Business loans allow businesses to grow because lending encourages customers to pay in installments. PayPal Working Capital offers businesses the opportunity to grow.


PayPal Payments Standard & Payments Pro is also entirely flexible and able to create custom eCommerce pages for all sizes of on-line retailers.


PayPal Here Card Reader Description


paypalhere card reader














PayPal Here Card Reader makes sending and receiving transactions simple and secure. You will instantly find the balance of your account or what you are searching for. It allows you to send payment requests to clients or friends and transfer money from your bank account to others. The registration process for PayPal is easy and secure. Also adding an account in PayPal is very fast.


It has a simple interface, easy to navigate, that puts it all in order. Most online retailers accept PayPal, which allows you to make anonymous transactions online.



  • Products dimension: 4.5 x 3.8 x 1 inches
  • Item weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Shipping weight: 2.4 ounces
  • PayPal Here Card Reader Cash & Check Recording
  • It has an inventory Tracking
  •  PayPal Here Card Reader has Item Add-Ons
  • It has an Online Invoicing
  • It has an item Library
  • PayPal Here Card Reader has express Checkout



  • It helps to send and receive API in our application through PayPal fee.
  • Using PayPal make it easy to integrate with websites
  • PayPal makes it easy to access eCommerce stores
  • It works well to pay and get paid with PayPal.



This is the fees expect to pay if you are only using PayPal Here:

  • Reader Cost: £45
  • Swiped Transactions: 2.7% per transaction
  • Scanned Transactions: 3.5% + £0.15
  • PayPal Transactions: 2.9% + £0.30
  • International Fees: 2.7% per swipe plus for non-US cards for the standard
  • Discounted Rate for Eligible Charity (Only Online): 2.2% + £0.30 per transaction


  • Monthly/annual fees: Free
  • PCI compliance fees: Free
  • Setup fees: Free
  • Equipment fees: Free


Top 4 Mobile card readers compared

Brandsizettle Card ReaderSquare card readerSumUp Air Card ReaderPayPal Here Card Reader
Card reader price£59 excl. VAT but currently £29 excl. VAT£19 + VATCurrently on sale for  £19£45
Monthly cost:It is freeIt is freeIt is freeIt is free
Transaction fee1.75% for Chip & Pin or Contactless payments and 2.5% for Invoicing, payment links, and ecommerce:1.75% for Chip & Pin or Contactless payments and 2.95% + 25p for virtual terminal.1.69% for Chip & Pin or Contactless payments and 2.5% for online.2.7% for Chip & Pin or Contactless payments and 2.2% for online.
Minimum sales volume None None None None
PIN padIt on the card readerIt is in app on phone/tablet screenIt on the card readerIt is in app on phone/tablet screen
Product libraryYesYesyesyes
Bank acc. settlementIt is between 1-3 working daysIt is between 1-2 working daysIt is between 2-3 working daysIt is between 1-2 working days
Text & email receiptsYesYesyesyes
Solution typeIt is of card reader plus mobile appIt is of card reader plus mobile appIt is of card reader plus mobile appIt is of card reader plus mobile app
Compatible receipt printersThe use of Star Micronics, Air PrintThe use of Star Micronics, EpsonThe use of Star Micronics, Bixolon, Air Print, Google Cloud PrintThe use of Star TSP143LAN, Woosim WSR R240
AccountingIt uses CSV/Excel, Xero or Debtor integrationIt uses CSV/Excel, Xero or Enterpryze integrationIt uses Transaction and payout reportsIt uses Transaction and payout reports
Cards acceptedMaestro card, V pay, JCB, credit and debit cards, visa card, master card, and America Express.Visa, Maestro card MasterCard, and American ExpressMaestro card, V pay, JCB, credit and debit cards, visa card, master card, America Express, and Dinner clubs.Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.


  • Please note all the above prices were correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change from the card reader providers.